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    Add:Dongsanshili Village, Sanshilipu Street, Jinpu New district, Dalian, Liaoning,China
    Contact: Pang Shuying
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About us

            Dalian Molecular Sieve Plant in 1980 is located in Dongsanshili Village, Sanshilipu Street, Jinpu New district, Dalian, Liaoning,China, and mainly produces molecular sieves. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters and 6,000square meters for floor space. We own 4.2million yuan for fixed assets and 3.5million yuan for circulating fund. The company owns 135 employees, 3 engineers and several technicians. Annual output is 1,000 tons. Our products are widely used in petroleum chemical, medical sanitation, industrial electron and others. Our product qualities are always stable; our customers will constantly increase. We have become the first enterprise which produces F-03 absorbing agent and passes GB/T19001-2000 IdT ISO9001:2000 quality management system authentication qualification unit.

    In few years, sulfur hexafluoride gas industries are constantly increasing. F-03 quality is improving and refining. Our products own good quality and convenient operation, and deeply get welcome. Tell us packing styles, specification and other materials when ordering. We will guarantee low price and satisfaction after-sale services as soon as possible.